Atlanta travel guide

Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city in Georgia, United States. It is a city that balances southern traditions with sleek modernism. Atlanta is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with over 35 million visitors per year.


Key facts

Country: Georgia, United States

Official languages: English

Currency: United States dollar (USD)

Driving side: right

City population: 486.290

City area: 347,1 km2 (134 sq mi)


Things to see and do in Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park – several buildings including his boyhood home, a church where King was baptized, his final resting place, a museum and memorial dedicated to his colossal achievements.

The World of Coca-Cola – is a museum dedicated to the most famous beverage in the world. The museum offers hundreds of artifacts, gift shop, 4-D theater, look at the bottling process.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium – is a fantastic new stadium opened in 2017. The stadium holds the record of the world’s largest halo board. The roof included eight triangular translucent panels, that when opened would create the illusion of a bird’s wings extended. There are 24 bars and restaurants.

College Football Hall of Fame – showcases the history of college football and highlights some of its greatest legends through history. Currently, there are 997 players and 217 coaches in a museum dedicated to college football.

Atlanta zoo – has more than 1.500 animals and 220 species. Atlanta zoo has the largest zoological populations of orangutans, more than 20 gorillas, Giant Panda and more.

Georgia Aquarium – is one of the biggest in the world with more than 500 species. The Aquarium’s notable specimens include whale sharks, California sea lions, manta rays, bottlenose dolphins, and beluga whales.

Piedmont Park – is the largest park in Atlanta located near downtown. The park features a walking path, picnic facilities, playgrounds, tennis courts, public swimming pool, two ponds, and a dog park.

Centennial Olympic Park – is a park dedicated to the Olympic Games held in Atlanta in 1996. A key feature of the park is the Fountain of Rings with lights and jets of water synchronized with music and light towers surrounding it.

Downtown Atlanta – is the central business district of the city. There are headquarters of many companies. Some of the famous buildings are the Bank of America Plaza, SunTrust Plaza, Georgia Pacific Tower, 191 Peachtree Tower.


Things to do in Atlanta

Shopping – you can enjoy in many shopping malls like The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza, The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta

Festivals – Atlanta has many concerts, and most popular concerts are

Sports – visit a sports event because Atlanta has professional franchises in four major team sports: Atlanta Falcons in NFL, Atlanta Hawks in NBA, Atlanta Braves in MLB, Atlanta United FC in MLS.

Golf – In Atlanta, you can find numerous golf courses and some of the most famous are East Lake Golf Club, Peachtree Golf Club, Candler Park Golf Course. 

New York city break travel

Take a break from work and visit one of the best city in the world, New York City. A city break in New York is a trip you can’t go wrong with. You can visit New York at any time of year. New York City is the most populous city in the United States. It is the most influential city in the world in many areas, such as trade, finance, arts, entertainment, media, research, technology, fashion. New York City is considered the cultural center of the world. New York City is the most populous city in the United States with a population of 8.5 million, but the metro area has around 20 million people. New York City consists of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The city annually has more than 50 million tourists. Many districts and landmarks have become well know.

It is very difficult to list what can be seen in New York City. There are many architectural sights, 500 galleries, 150 museums, 100 theaters, numerous department stores, and about 17,000 restaurants. Here we introduce you to some of the most important sights of this city.


What to visit in New York City

Statue of Liberty – probably the most famous landmark of New York City. Is located at the mouth of the Hudson River. Made in Paris and was a gift from France. The statue is the personification of freedom. You don’t need to pay entrance to the statue, but you must use and pay a ferry to the island where the statue is located. Ascend to the crown of the statue allowed but a limited number of people. The waiting list for a visit to this part of the statue is a year.

Empire State Building – is a skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. The building has 102 floors and was built in 1931. One of the world’s most famous skyscrapers. Empire State Building is one of the seven modern wonders of the world. If you visit this city, you must to climb the 102nd floor of the building and enjoy in beautiful view of the entire Manhattan and New York City. Annually skyscraper is visited by 3.5 million visitors.

Central Park – is a public park in middle-upper Manhattan. Is the most visited public park with over 25 million visitors a year. Central Park will delight in any season. It was the scene of many famous films. Park contains several lakes and ponds, zoo, conservatory, two ice rinks, summer swimming pool, walking trails, riding trails, many sculptures, two indoor restaurants.

One World Trade Center – a skyscraper in Lower Manhattan. Also known as Freedom Tower. It is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere and sixth-tallest in the world with a height of 541.3 m (1.776 ft) and has 99 floors. Skyscraper stands exactly on the site of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This building sets new standards of design, construction, and prestige.

Financial District – is located in Lower Manhattan. It is part of Manhattan where is offices and headquarters of the most powerful companies in the world. It is difficult to list what is all there and we will mention only some of them: New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, House of Morgan, Federal Hall, The Chamber of Commerce Building, One Liberty Plaza, Battery Park, One World Trade Center, 70 Pine Street building and many other buildings.

Bryant Park – a public park in Midtown Manhattan. There is the New York Public Library in the park. When you’re in the park offers a fantastic view of the skyscrapers all around the park. Park is also known for having the Nikola Tesla every day feeding the pigeons. Each winter in the park all people who love slide come into their own because they make the big rink in the open.

Fifth Avenue – visit to New York City would not be complete if you don’t walk down Fifth Avenue. One of the most famous shopping street in the world. Fifth Avenue is a symbol of wealthy New York City and one of the most expensive streets in the world. In Fifth Avenue, you can see the Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more.

Broadway and Times Square – Broadway is a wide avenue that runs through the entire length of Manhattan all the way to the Bronx. Broadway is known widely as the heart of the American theater industry. It is difficult to say where is the center of this city. If it is one place and could all center than that certainly Times Square. An amazing amount of people a day pass through this square. Estimated to be around 360,000 per day.

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn – Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. In Brooklyn you can visit: Brooklyn brownstones, Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Coney Island.


Weather In New York City

The weather in New York is quite different from the seasons. Winters are cold and damp. Spring and autumn are unpredictable, from cold to very hot days. Summers are warm or hot and humid. New York City has over 120 days a year with precipitation. In the winter there is rain and snow and in the rest of the year mostly rainfall.

Temperatures in New York City in °C (°F)

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high 3.5 (38.3) 5.3 (41.6) 9.8 (49.7) 16.2 (61.2) 21.6 (70.8) 26.3 (79.3) 28.9 (84.1) 28.1 (82.6) 24 (75.2) 17.7 (63.8) 12.1 (53.8) 6.1 (43.0)
Average low -2.8 (26.9) -1.7 (28.9) 1.8 (35.2) 7.1 (44.8) 12.2 (54.0) 17.6 (63.6) 20.4 (68.8) 19.9 (67.8) 16 (60.8) 10.0 (50.0) 5.3 (41.6) 0.0 (32.0)


Prices in New York City

Entertainment prices  USD
Ticket for movie

16 $

Ticket for theater

10-160 $

One cocktail drink

16 $

One beer in a pub

7.50 $


4.60 $


2.10 $

Average dinner for two

70 $

Transportation prices
Local transport one-way ticket

2.75 $

Taxi start

2.50 $

Taxi 1 km

2.50 $

Ticket prices for attractions
Statue of Liberty

16-28.50 $

Empire State Building

36 $

One World Trade Center

37 $

9/11 Memorial & Museum

26 $

Museum of Natural History

23 $

Guggenheim Museum

25 $

Things to do in Seattle

It is many things you can do in Seattle, like Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Science Center and many more. Seattle is a city in the northwest of the United States in Washington State. Seattle is the largest city in that federal state and has about 600,000 inhabitants. The urban area has a population of 3,6 million people. The city lies on the banks of the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Puget Sound. Seattle is surrounded by mountains, and the relief of the city itself is hilly. Seattle is the center of modern technology and highly educated workforce. Because of its position, the city is quite cloudy and rainy but much of it was not fun, and you will not get bored if you visit.



Space Needle – most famous and most visited attractions in Seattle. The structure reaches 184 m (605 ft). You can climb to the top of the structure and have the best view of Seattle, or sit in a restaurant and eat your dinner overlooking the city. The observation deck is at 158 m (520 ft). The SkyCity restaurant revolves at 152 m (500 ft). On a clear day, you can get great views of Mt. Rainier, the tallest mountain in the state of Washington.


CenturyLink Field – a stadium that is home to NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and MLS’s Seattle Sounders. The stadium is architecturally designed so that it creates a lot of noise. Location of the stadium is south of downtown. The stadium has a reputation as one of the loudest stadiums in the World.


Safeco Field – is home to the MLS’s team Seattle Mariners. Safeco Field is a retractable roof stadium near CenturyLink Field. The stadium has a unique retractable roof that only acts as an umbrella for the stands and field rather than a complete climate-controlled enclosure.


Pacific Science Center – is a science museum designed by Minoru Yamasaki for the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. There is many events, exhibits and education programs like programs for kids, teens, school groups, families, adults, and communities. You can spend almost all day in the museum.


Seattle Aquarium – is the 7th most visited aquarium in the United States. There are more than 380 species of birds, fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals. There are many exhibits in the aquarium and also more than 800,000 visitors each year.


Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour – relax and enjoy the skyline while someone else does the navigating. You can see spectacular Seattle skyline, one of the world’s largest shipping terminals, Space Needle and more. The ride takes about an hour.



If you travel to Seattle maybe you should pay little attention to prices. We bring you some prices in Seattle.

Entertainment prices:

Ticket for movie     12 $

Ticket for theater     91 $

One cocktail drink     10 $

One beer in pub     5.40 $

Cappuccino     3.92 $

Coke     1.84 $

McDonald’s meal     7 $

Average dinner for two     54 $


Transportation prices

Local transport one-way ticket     2.50 $

Taxi start     2.75 $

Taxi 1 km     1.68 $


Ticket prices for attractions

Space needle     13 – 36 $

CenturyLink Field tour     5 – 12 $

Safeco Field tour     10 – 12 $

Seattle Aquarium     15.95 – 22.95 $

Argosy Cruises Harbor tour     11.50 – 23 $

How to always find cheap flights?

Finding a cheap flight is not always easy. To always find the cheapest flight possible, follow these 5 rules.

  • Book your flight as early as possible

Not always, but mostly previously booked flight is cheaper flight. Is generally considered the best time for booking is between one to three months prior to the trip. Sometimes it can be to catch a cheaper ticket before or after that period. However, comparing the prices of tickets bought at least six months before the trip are cheaper than last-minute tickets. Research shows that most people buy tickets when the least favorable for them. Don’t be one of them and buy a ticket on time.

  • Fly on a Wednesdays

The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. Other days on midweek are also cheaper. On the other hand, the most expensive time to travel is on Friday and Sunday. It should be noted that the cheaper flights are early in the morning and at lunch.

  • Choose less attractive airports

Many large cities in the world have several airports. Choose the remote and smaller airports, do not choose the greatest and most famous. Usually that airports used by low-cost companies. In these companies, you can really find very cheap flights. In some cases, another city near may have an even cheaper offer and try to combine that for perhaps save more money.

  • Reduce luggage

Really think about it before the trip whether you need so much luggage. Often what happens is that you take so many things you do not use it at the end. Try to reduce luggage so that everything you bring is in your hand luggage. So you can significantly save.

  • Explore the many websites

Don’t buy a ticket on the first web page you’ve visited. You can find websites that compare prices of all carriers on a specific destination. Don’t forget to visit the official website of the company because it is possible to find some special offers and discounts.

Holidays in Norway

If you plan to spend a holiday in Norway you will not make a mistake. A wealthy country in the north of Europe offers a lot of interesting things and we choose 10 of them which you must visit.

  • Fjords are perhaps the most famous attractions in Norway and many tourists travel to Geiranger and Flåm where the most famous is. Norway has about 1,190 fjords and you can find them all over the country.
  • Midnight sun is, of course, a nice experience, and can be seen anywhere North of Bodø around mid-summer. About half of Norway lies above the arctic circle. There is absolutely no need to go to North Cape to experience the midnight sun.
  • Northern Lights or aurora borealis is a natural light display in the sky. For the best chances to see the northern lights or aurora borealis, you need travel to Northern Norway or Svalbard between late autumn and early spring.
  • The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Here you will find untouched arctic wilderness.
  • Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, with museums of national importance, a beautiful setting and lively nightlife and cultural scene.
  • Bergen is the second largest city with a rich culture and dramatic scenery. Wonderfully cute wooden buildings, a magnificent mountain setting and tons of nightlife and atmosphere. This is your gateway to the western fjords. Bergen is “the rainiest city in Europe” with an average of 250 days of rainfall a year.
  • Lillehammer is a town and municipality in Oppland county. Visit Lillehammer and enjoy attractions such as the Olympic arenas, Maihaugen and Hafjell. Explore the area by bicycle, on foot or on skis.
  • The Fløibanen funicular in Bergen is one of Norway’s best-known attractions. Over 1 million passengers a year have used it over the past few years.
  • Munch Museum is an art museum in Oslo, dedicated to the life and works of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The museum now has in its permanent collection well over half of the artist’s entire production of paintings and at least one copy of all his prints.
  • The National Museum holds and preserves, exhibits and promotes public knowledge about Norway’s most extensive collection of art. The Museum shows permanent exhibitions of works from its own collections but also temporary exhibitions that incorporate work loaned from elsewhere.