How to always find cheap flights?

Finding a cheap flight is not always easy. To always find the cheapest flight possible, follow these 5 rules.

  • Book your flight as early as possible

Not always, but mostly previously booked flight is cheaper flight. Is generally considered the best time for booking is between one to three months prior to the trip. Sometimes it can be to catch a cheaper ticket before or after that period. However, comparing the prices of tickets bought at least six months before the trip are cheaper than last-minute tickets. Research shows that most people buy tickets when the least favorable for them. Don’t be one of them and buy a ticket on time.

  • Fly on a Wednesdays

The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. Other days on midweek are also cheaper. On the other hand, the most expensive time to travel is on Friday and Sunday. It should be noted that the cheaper flights are early in the morning and at lunch.

  • Choose less attractive airports

Many large cities in the world have several airports. Choose the remote and smaller airports, do not choose the greatest and most famous. Usually that airports used by low-cost companies. In these companies, you can really find very cheap flights. In some cases, another city near may have an even cheaper offer and try to combine that for perhaps save more money.

  • Reduce luggage

Really think about it before the trip whether you need so much luggage. Often what happens is that you take so many things you do not use it at the end. Try to reduce luggage so that everything you bring is in your hand luggage. So you can significantly save.

  • Explore the many websites

Don’t buy a ticket on the first web page you’ve visited. You can find websites that compare prices of all carriers on a specific destination. Don’t forget to visit the official website of the company because it is possible to find some special offers and discounts.